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The combination of tutoring and children is rather like Marmite, in that most people either like it and can see its benefits, or hate it and feel it’s simply pushing a child too far too hard and too fast. 

Whichever side of the argument you feel your allegiance is, research shows that more than one in four young people in England and Wales have received private or home tuition (Sutton Trust 2018).  

This includes children who are learning within the state maintained school system, attending a private independent school or being home schooled.

Furthermore, slightly over one in ten of the children sampled had been tutored during the most recent school year, consistent with results obtained by The Sutton Trust from their previous annual reviews.

Insufficient places in top quality schools in many locations

The Sutton Trust had identified that, as one might expect, it was those pupils in London who were substantially more likely to have received private tuition than the rest of the country.

In London two our over every five pupils had received tutoring at some point in their education.

Clearly there exists ever-increasing competition to secure places in the most in-demand schools in the London area.

One in three (33%) pupils received tuition for specific GCSE exams, and 27% for a school entrance exam. Almost half (47%) said it was to help with their school work in general.

You’ll find further discussions about tutoring and other related issues in our blog.

A variety of subjects tutored

It’s important that your child has a strong understanding of the core school subjects, English, maths and science and tutoring in these subjects will help to develop their confidence and ability to work quickly and accurately.

According to recent research by The Sutton Trust the most popular subject currently requested to be tutored are:

Maths – 77%

English – 55%

Science 30%

In addition to those core subjects we have specialist tutors are available for a variety of other subjects, including Latin and music. These are both important since they can help to support an application for a child to attend a top public or independent school.

Tutors are also available to cover other languages, humanities and business related studies.

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