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May we ask you …

  • Do you have goals or dreams for your children’s education?
  • Have you concerns about the level of support they currently receive at the school they attend?
  • Is there a particular career or profession that you’d like them to be able to enter?
  • Would you like them to be able to secure a place at a good University, Oxbridge or one from the Russell Group perhaps?
  • Do you want them to have the same quality of education as you did, or better?
  • Are you concerned that competition for school places might mean they’ll miss out?
  • Do the costs associated with education worry you?

How we can help you

Well, firstly, if you’re like the parents we work with, then you undoubtedly wish for your children to have the best education possible, whether that’s within the state schooling system, via private education, or from a home schooling arrangement.

Secondly, however, you might perhaps be unsure how best to negotiate the various permutations that combine to take your child from their first steps into a nursery class, up until they complete their education.

The pathway that’s best for your child might involve ‘switching lanes’ from state, to private, to home and back again.

For some families, a ‘blended approach’ is most certainly the best.

Within the UK, we’re blessed with a wide selection of educational options, different routes to ensure your child secures the best university, college, or apprenticeship place, or has the most appropriate skills to enter the job market.

We have an in-depth understanding of the UK education system and can help guide you through the various options available.

We can help you to put a plan in place with a timetable structured around you and your children.

Services provided

We’ve found that the best way to help parents is by first identifying their goals & timescales & then develop an action plan to ensure everything is kept on-track.

Whilst every family we work with will have somewhat different requirements, here’s a brief outline of the services we can provide for you.

  • Initial consultation and assessment
  • Review of state and private schooling options in your immediate area
  • Undertaking of a further afield private school search, including day & boarding options
  • Identification of a schools short-list & action plan
  • Coaching of your child on exam techniques and interview preparation
  • Guidance in the etiquette related to private schools vs state schools
  • Overview of scholarship opportunities
  • Explanation of possible bursaries that might be available, if applicable
  • Confirmation of any admissions criteria
  • Scheduling and implementation of tutoring sessions and support packages
  • Ongoing follow-up and appraisal
  • Arranging and accompanying families for school visits
  • Examination and interview practice
  • Coaching and mentoring students during their ongoing studies

Would you like to have a conversation about your child’s education?

We work with families who have children at pre-school age all the way through to those going through A-level studies & so there’s no single prescriptive approach that fits all situations.

We’d suggest, therefore, that if you’d like to pop your contact details in the form below, along with a brief message about what you might want us to help you with and we’ll be in touch.

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