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We’re always interested to hear from owners of tutoring agencies or educational consultancies who might be considering selling their business.

Whether due to impending retirement, a change in one’s health, or simply a re-focused career direction, many people choose to sell their business rather than simply close it down.

Business transfer agency terms and fees vary greatly

One has only to type “how to sell my business” into Google and a long list of Business Transfer Agents or Business Brokers will be presented to you.

The choice is bewildering.

Before you speak to an agent or broker, however, which could result in you being locked into a sales contract with them, please contact us for an informal discussion.

The charges levied by business transfer agency fees can vary greatly too.

Some will charge up front fees and others will only charge a fee upon a sale.

But depending upon the terms of their contract, they may be legally entitled to their sales fee even if they did not bring the purchaser to you themselves.

Did you know that between 80% to 95% of small businesses listed for sale by business transfer agents never find a buyer?

Perhaps that’s why they charge such high fees, to make up for their low closing rate.

Rather than become another statistic, why not let us explore the possibility of a sale between ourselves?

Business brokers – No qualifications required

Don’t be swayed by any slick websites or clever and assertive sales cold calls, since there are no formal qualifications required to become a business broker or a business transfer agent.

This means, of course, that YOU may be the perfect person to sell your own business.

The niceties of consumer law will NOT protect you from a bad business transfer agent

Despite how it might appear in their paperwork or whatever their sales agent might suggest during their telesales calls, the rights we have as consumers are not applicable to the sale of a business.

This means that any documentation you sign will not be subject to a cooling-off period – you have been warned!

Remember also that it is only because of the high levels of customer complaints that legislation has, over time, been introduced to set out how Estate Agents and Letting Agents operate.

Those laws cover business to consumer transactions, NOT business to business sales.

All locations considered

Our main geographic areas of focus are East Anglia, East Midlands and the Home Counties.

We do work, however, work with tutors and associates throughout the UK, which means that wherever you’re located we may have an associate agency in your location who could be interested in purchasing your business.

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