We help children to achieve above average results and get into top schools

We love helping children to discover just how awesome they can be in their school studies.

Whether that’s mastering the basics, strengthening their core knowledge or stretching themselves beyond what they thought was possible, we’re here for them.

We’re an educational consultancy, tutoring, coaching and advisory service that which helps parents to ensure that their children receive the best school education possible.

Whatever one’s background, wealth, or life experience, we believe that all parents would like their children to have as good as, if not an even better, education than they had themselves.

The challenge, however, is that the UK’s education system, both state and private, has changed dramatically in recent years.

This means that the approaches our parents took to secure our school places aren’t sufficient any longer.

Parents need to marshal all of the available resources to ensure they give their children the best possible start in life.

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What quality of education do you want for your children?

Although the days of your child attending university or commencing work might feel far away in the distance, it’s important to have an outline plan, so consider the following:

  • Do you have specific ideas about the type of career that might be best for them?
  • If funds weren’t an issue, what school would you like them to attend?
  • Are there any particular skills or subjects that they’re already showing an interest in?
  • Have you thought about which university courses might be interesting to them?

In beginning to start forming answers to these questions will help to guide your thoughts as to the best educational pathway for your child.

Educational consultancy advisory services from The Scholarship Hunt for parents and children

A blended approach provides the best results

In Britain we have our state / maintained education system, along with a selection of wonderful private / independent schools, and in addition we are also legally permitted to home school our children if we wish to do so.

This means that in order to make the best decision for their children, parents need to be able to understand the complexities and permutations of the current British schooling system.

Understanding which of these three approaches would be the most appropriate educational pathway for your child, including, perhaps, when to switch from one route to another, requires the consideration of many issues.

Education is one of the few purchases that we, as parents, make that we don’t directly benefit from ourselves.

Even if parents are considering sending their child to a top state or maintained school, there will still a variety of costs involved.

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We work with families who have children at pre-school age all the way through to those going through A-level studies & so there’s no single prescriptive approach that fits all situations.

You’ll find further information about how we help families, and their children, to develop strong study skills and assist with identifying and applying for different schools here.

We’d suggest, therefore, that if you’d like to pop your contact details in the form below, along with a brief message about what you might want us to help you with and we’ll be in touch.

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We help to create clarity out of confusion

The Scholarship Hunt helps parents by uncovering the ‘best fit’ schools for their children.

Whether that’s a top grammar school, a high-achieving state maintained school, a wonderfully traditional single sex boarding school or an independent co-educational day school, we can help you find the best ones for your child.

There’s more to your child’s education than simply selecting a ‘top’ school from some list in a journal, or off the web.

It’s much more important that the school, or schools, they attend over time are the ‘right’ schools, ones that enable them to develop and grow to their fullest potential.

Sometimes, the school that’s going to be ‘just right’ for your child might not be the one you’d originally considered.

We’re good at identifying those outliers, the schools that may have slipped by unnoticed.

Occasionally, it’s the school that you hadn’t thought of which goes on to develop that quiet confidence in their students.

Many too have specialist scholarships that few people are aware of, one of which might be a perfect fit for your child.

Whatever your child’s age and whichever school, if any, they might be attending currently, we can help you to plan their ongoing educational journey.

The Scholarship Hunt will help identify the best opportunities for your child

Services provided

  • Initial consultation and assessment
  • Review of state and private schooling options in your immediate area
  • Undertaking of a further afield private school search, including day & boarding options
  • Identification of a school’s short-list & action plan
  • Overview of scholarship opportunities
  • Explanation of possible bursaries that might be available, if applicable
  • Confirmation of any admissions criteria
  • Scheduling and implementation of tutoring sessions and support packages
  • Ongoing follow-up and appraisal
  • Arranging and accompanying families for school visits
  • Examination and interview practice
  • Coaching and mentoring students during their ongoing studies

We believe that all children, when guided, have the potential to achieve excellence in their studies.

A well thought out and carefully executed plan can yield great results.

The best opportunities aren’t always that easy to identify, but that’s where we can help – we’re tremendously good at hunting them down.

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